Cloud Security Assessment

Security Assessments for your SaaS & IaaS environments Enabling you to embrace and adopt Cloud with the confidence that your defenses are effective and robust. RRN Technologies offers Cloud Security assessments which provides it's customers with the confidence that by driving a digital strategy does not expose their organization to unacceptable levels of risk. Our assessments are thorough, holistic and practical, enabling customers to execute on remediation and policies, mitigating risk and removing complexity.

Continuously monitor and assess your cloud assets and resources for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments

Cloud Infrastructure Security Assessment

Security Assessment phase helps in accessing the security posture of the overall cloud infrastructure and identifying the potential risk to the cloud infrastructure. The areas covered as part of this assessment include:
Internal and external Network penetration Testing
Application Security Assessment
Endpoint Security Testing
Firewall, VPN and remote access security

Cloud Security Approach

We frame our Cloud Security Assessments around principles and guidelines from Industry bodies and government advisories.
Internal and external Network penetration Testing
Asset Protection and Resilience
Data at Rest and in Transit protection
Operational Security, including personnel and user access
External Interfaces and Separation of Data internally
Identity and Authentication
Third Party access and Development
Continuous Assurance and Compliance
Governance and Audit