First responder security services to protect, detect, and remediate

The worst time to realize that you are not prepared for a cyber-security incident is when a breach occurs. Security incidents are crisis situations that place a great deal of pressure on IT staff. Without a comprehensive incident response plan detailing roles and responsibilities, procedures and communications, pressured IT staff must make crucial decisions lacking any sense of order and priority. This leads to poor decisions that inevitably make the breach worse and delay its resolution.
Even with security incidents and losses on the rise, many organizations don’t have a plan in place to diagnose and handle a breach. While it’s unrealistic to have all the security controls to prevent every possible incident, an Incident Response (IR) Program allows you to respond quickly, and minimize damage and downtime when attacks and exploits occur. RRN Technologies takes a comprehensive and proactive approach to help you cover all the bases. The following service lines allow you to protect, detect, respond, and remediate.

Emergency Incident Response Services

Get immediate crisis response. RRN Technologies Incident Response (IR) Team investigates, assesses, and contains security breaches

Forensic Investigative Services

Get immediate crisis response. RRN Technologies Forensic Investigation Team hunts down digital data and provides the investigative expertise and tools to answer your data breach questions.

Incident Response Program Development

Get expert guidance in building your incident response (IR) program. RRN Technologies cross-functional approach creates a custom plan for your organization that is easy to update.

SCADA Emergency Incident Response

Get immediate response to security breaches on your SCADA network. RRN Technologies first responders identify and contain the incident, offering instant remediation.