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Red Team Exercise

Organizations can greatly improve their security posture by rethinking their approach from an attacker perspective—considering the relentless tactics attackers might use to gain access to your critical assets.

Cloud security

Security Assessments for your SaaS & IaaS environments Enabling you to embrace and adopt Cloud with the confidence that your defenses are effective and robust.

Security Incident & Event management

RRN Technologies compliance services focus on building practical, relevant and rational responses to comopliance challenges.

Vulnerability Management

The worst time to realize that you are not prepared for a cybersecurity incident is when a breach occurs.

Firewall / IDS / IPS / Proxy Management

RRN Technologies provides a comprehensive IT security training curriculum designed to meet the needs of individuals, etc....,

Web application Security Audit

Web application are now a critical part of all our business. Employees, customers and partners prefers to do business online, and except to be able to access a variety of information and transactions


RRN Technologies is an information security consulting team at the forefront of attack simulations with a focus on strategic risk-management. Our goal is to help organizations defend against threats of all kinds and change the security industry for the better. RRN Technologies are also a vendor independent penetration testing and security specialists providing effective business risk intelligence and security guidance.

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