Network Security

Network Security is the first line of security defense that protects against external threats originating from the internet. It should be a key part of any security plan that an organization has. Depending on overall site security requirements, our network security solutions can actually help organizations to prevent external threats from entering their premises. Our layered security architecture helps organizations to identify and decide placement of different security devices in their network. Key network security offerings include.

Perimeter Protection

We offer commercial perimeter security solutions including next generation firewall protection and perimeter intrusion detection to help prevent external threats from entering your network.

DDoS Protection

Our DDoS protection architecture has been developed by working with industry leaders like F5 and Radware and fine-tuning their components. This in turn accommodates specific datacenter size and industry requirements

Network Forensics

Network forensics, or ‘network time machine,’ helps organizations pinpoint the source of data leaks and conduct investigations to identify the source of intermittent performance issues. This helps to find the needle in the haystack

Network Access Control

Next generation NAC systems can see and identify the issues related to the data leak or rogue devices getting access to the network.

Enterprise Security Architecture Assessment

Aligning Enterprise IT Security with Core Business Strategy. Tailoring industry frameworks to supporting customers in making architectural decisions governing Business Assets, Processes, Systems, People and technology domains.

Establishing a baseline is the first step to taking control. Our security assessments focus on policies, processes, data access, technology and people. It enables us to ascertain maturity levels across the various threat surfaces. It also enables us to assist our customers with identifying the critical assets and take a risk based approach to building defence in depth

Network Security Architecture

As network security and architecture consultants, we will help you draw a scalable network architecture and devise strategies to strengthen them. From picking the right hardware and software to overseeing their performance, we will provide end-to-end management.
As your technical consultant we will provide intelligence on how to better manage your networks to reduce downtimes and security attacks.
Our offerings include:
Providing a high-level of security design that will keep networks safe
Carrying out vulnerabilities assessment to spot weak links and fixing them
Reviewing the overall security protocol of the network and suggesting improvisations
Establishing safety measures for remote user access

Wireless Security Assessment

The wireless networks in your organization could be intercepted by third parties if they are not properly insulated with security mechanisms.RRN technologies will suggest you the right ways of securing from within and from the outside.
As your wireless security consultant, our prime responsibility would be to prevent unauthorized access to your systems through wireless networks. To deliver on that responsibility,
we will carry out the following steps to establish wireless security:
Using wireless security discovery tools to take stock of all wireless networks
Setting up security for all wireless networks used by the enterprise
Running network tests to spot vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers
Setting up VPNs for remote workers and maintaining them
Updating wireless networks from time-to-time for maximum security