System hardening is the process of securing a system by reducing the vulnerability surface by providing various means of protection in a computer system. protection provided to the system has a layer approach. Protecting in layers means to protect at the host level, application level, operating system level, user level and the physical level. Method of security provided at each level has a unique approach.
The purpose of system hardening is to eliminate as many security risks as possible. This is typically done by removing all non-essential software programs and utilities from the computer. While these programs may offer useful features to the user, if they provide “back-door” access to the system, they must be removed during system hardening.
Hardening’s goal is to eliminate as many risks and threats to a computer system as necessary.

Hardening activities for a computer system typically include:
Defining and implementing Hardening security policies.
Keeping security patches and hot fixes updated.
Installing a firewall.
Closing all unwanted ports on the system.
Disallowing unnecessary file sharing among programs.
Installing antivirus and spyware protection.
Maintaining backup policies of the computer system.
Creating strong password policy.
Removing unnecessary programs and user accounts from the computer.
Using encryption for sensitive data stored.

Data Security

Data Loss Prevention

We have an expertise in implementing industry leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to safeguard your intellectual property and ensure compliance by protecting sensitive data wherever it lives – on premises, in the cloud, or at the end points.

Data Encryption

We help organizations to take a data-centric approach to safeguard their sensitive information. Encryption and cryptographic key management products enable organizations of all sizes to secure sensitive data in databases, applications, storage systems, virtualized platforms, and cloud environment

Data Activity Monitor.

Database security solutions protect you against external, internal, intra-database threats. It gives you complete visibility into your database landscape and security policy administration while efficiently maintaining regulatory compliance.

File Integrity Monitor

Application changes on critical servers often signal a breach. We implement the leading Integrity Monitoring services (FIM) solutions for your critical servers so you're alerted as soon as changes happen.

Information Rights Management

IRM enables enterprises to securely sync files, share documents and work with files wherever they need to go, even on devices beyond IT control. Granular access rights ensure that files open only on corporate devices and laptops. Enforcing permissions also ensures that you will remain compliant, even for files accessed from personal devices. Result: Unprecedented Enterprise Mobility and the ability to embrace BYOD – while still keeping your data safe and secure.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is no more last line of defense, and with BYOD and IoT technologies emerging, threats related to end user devices have been drastically evolved over the last couple of years. Traditional endpoint security solutions like anti-virus fails to detect or prevent modern day threats like zero-day known vulnerabilities and protection outside the organization’s firewall. The key solutions we offer when it comes to endpoint security

Anti-X Solutions

Advanced endpoint protection for large enterprises includes behavioral anti-malware, essential antivirus, anti-spam, web security, firewall, and intrusion prevention for desktops and laptops


A tunable, flexible solution ensures delivery of business-critical communications while protecting against unwanted network traffic

Application Whitelisting

This service offers complete visibility into all applications and executables running across environments, on or off-network

Patch Management

We enhance the control of IT management by centralizing and automating the patching process from vulnerability identification to patch collection, testing, distribution, remediation, and verification reporting. Recently, Verizon breach report shows that 97% of the reported attacks last year had a patch released by the vendor

SAP Security Service

SAP handles organization's most sensitive data, which includes department of Accounting, Business Intelligence, Human Resources, Inventory, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Project Management, CRM, eCommerce. Abuse of SAP can provide international competitors with years worth of valuable intellectual property or trade secrets virtually overnight, jeopardizing current and future market opportunities. SAP security can seriously damage an organization’s reputation with customers, resulting in legal liability for the company, executives, and board members.

SAP Vulnerability Assessment

SecureLayer7's SAP security engineers identify every SAP system within the network, enumerate installed services and check for vulnerabilities in the system.

SAP Penetration Testing

SAP Penetration testing is the most realistic way to proactively assess your organization’s security posture. This activity performed as an external attacker perspective.

SAP Custom Source Code Audit

Assessment of source code has resulted in looking up vulnerabilities that are left open while development of the application.

SAP Security Audit

SAP Network Security Assessment

SAP Network security assessment are analyzed to determine how well your organization’s current network security methods measure up to industry best practices. Key components of your business-critical network are checked for technical and process vulnerabilities.

SAP Database Security Assessment

SAP database security assessment is designed to measure to measure whether industry best practices are upto mark and updated. Key components of your business-critical databases are checked for technical and process vulnerabilities.

SAP Server Assessment

SAP server assessment is designed to measure whether industry best practices are upto mark and updated. We ensure the production and test servers having tighten security.